6 Ways To Keep A Home Cool. without AC

6 Ways To Keep A Home Cool. without AC

 6 Ways To Keep A Home Cool. without AC Climate change is a worry for the whole world.  Earth's temperature is constantly rising.  Somewhere the glaciers are melting, then the forest is on fire.  People are worried about the heat.  Air conditioners are being installed to control the heat in homes and offices.  But air conditioners add more heat to the outside than they do to the cooler ones. If the air conditioners deal with the loss, what other way is there to cool down the house?  The CaliforniaAcademy of Science in San Francisco exemplifies this.  The whole roof of this building is green.  This helps keep the building temperature low

  In addition, windows are opened on the ceiling, where cool air comes in.  Even in hot summer days, there is no AC.  "How to Keep Buildings Cool" Due to therapid rise in temperature, engineers and designers of buildings are now considering designing similar buildings.  According toresearch, by 2050, the number of air conditioners worldwide will more than triple.  When we did not have electric fans, coolers and air conditioners, buildings were constructed with air passing through.  Designing the building was an experience, said Elseider McGregor, adesignerat the California Academy of Sciences Building.  Through this experience it was sought to know how much can be spent without air conditioners.

The Use of Pitcher in Spain" This experience proved to be effective in homes, schools and small offices, but not in buildings like hospitals, where both patients and machines needed cooling.  So there is a need forAC.  But the need can be reduced by better maps of buildings.  The process of evaporation has an effect on cooling things down.  That is why the sweat that comes out of the body in the heat also keeps the body cool.  In many parts of Spain, large earthen pots, called 'botijo', are filled with water.  Once the pitcher has dissolved the water, the water inside it is kept cold.  The same method can be used to map buildings.  When the air hits the cold horses, it cools

  itself.  "Mughal Era Buildings" If a fountain is opened in an open area such as a courtyard, it will also help reduce heat.  The practice of cooling buildings through water has been going from ancient times.  As far as the buildings of the Mughalsare concerned, wells and fountains can be seen.  The same method has been used by Indian architect Manet Marggi in building the Pearl Academy of Fashion in Jaipur City.  "Temperature - Reducing 'Wind Catcher" There are nets around the building of the Pearl Academy.  Ata distance of four feet from the walls of the building, there is a hole in the hole that holds the inside wall under its shadow.

When the outside temperature is 40 degrees, the temperature inside the building is 29 degrees.  If a building does not have the capacity to excavate a large well, water can be pumped through the pump by installing a pipeline under the ground.  This method can be used in both hot and cold seasons.  This practice is practiced in many parts of northern China.  A large number of cities are being populated in the name of development.  But these cities are actually concrete jungles where the smoke rising from cars and the use of large machines in factories areraising the temperature.  Now more and more plants are being emphasized in cities.  In the American city of Columbia, green corridors are being built all over the city by the administration.  Kitab pen abchhodo, Digital KhataBook apnao!

The government's efforts have helped reduce temperatures by up to two degrees.  "By making green corridors, temperatures can be reduced by up to five degrees," said Monica Turner, a meteorologist.  Nowother cities are also considering adopting this method.  'The city administration of the Italian city of Milan has seta target toplant three million trees by 2030.  Similar efforts are underway in the Australian city of Melbourne.  The air conditioner is used to cool the atmosphere, but its cooling actually puts us in the furnace.  If the use of AC continues, then the days are not far when the air conditioners will die.  So over time, we should all start practicing the traditional ways of fighting heat.

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