Why computers use binary numbers

Why computers use binary numberskyo computer binary numbers ka upyog karta hai

This code of zero is referred to as binary and while almost everyone knows how it relates. Very few of us understand what a binary is or why computers use it.

 If you want to know then this blog is for you because it is actually a very simple concept and still quite attractive before we talk about binary on computer. Before computers are binary it exists that there is nothing more than a system of binary counting, to understand how it works let's look at the counting points of two other systems.

The simplest calculation system is conceivable, but many of the things you have retained make mini-digits as easy as pie, but not very efficient depending on the situation we use today. A different symbol to represent different things with numbers from 0 through 9, we can recognize that each symbol indicates a different amount of things.

 If we need to represent something greater than nine then we add a digit to the left world, which returns the first digit to zero and starting on the system is a lot more efficient than Tally Marks because each digit we Adding fast increases the amount of things we can represent because in this system we add a new digit to every ten things.

Each digit represents an increasing power of ten. This is a number. Out of them we have a number of ten to hundreds of thousands and likewise now it is probably something that you already know but when talking about binary it is very important to keep in your mind .

The binary is based in exactly the same way, but instead of every digit going from 0 to 9, it goes up in the count from 0 to 1 and looks like binary because 0 1 1011 100 101 110 111 and 1000 because Each digit of the binary is only two values ​​and no and each additional digit represents the increasing power of two instead of the increasing power of ten, so this number is the number of us the number of squares 8 16 32 64 128 and so on. Nearly based.

Everything a computer does is known as micro transistors, which are known as small switches of a small CBSE, which can be either on or off and with a very weak electric charge. Can be turned on or off.

 Using these switches to count computers and to obtain them we can use the tally system which means that the number of switches is equal to the number of things we have or we can use a lot of e There are binary system of binary where each switch represents one digit of binary. A transistor which uses tally system has a number of 8's. Can display in the form.

 By replacing them all with binaries we can represent a number such as 255 means a non which means a 1 a switch switch 0 Now this is a good time to mention that a single transistor called as a bit A byte which stands for binary digits is known as 8 of these bits in a byte row. Which means a number between 0 and 255 if binary is a system of counting. Is.

When people explain how to spell things well in binary, what they really mean is how to spell things with ASCII. American Standard Code is a way of converting a computer's data to an information interchange Which can only contain numbers and convert it to characters for humans. An easier time to work with ASCII is to just use each value represented by a byte of binary Provides a character for

Because the byte has eight digits of binary to work with and eight digits of binary ca. n Representing up to 255 values ​​ASCII had 255 character symbols to choose from more than enough for the whole alphabet punctuation and other senses. For example, the corresponding ASCII number 65 a 65 for an uppercase and base 10 is equal to 1 million. 1 Whenever you type in an uppercase in binary, a word program is a coding program or a scripting program or whatever, there is a small little row of eight transistors arranged in a closed off-off pattern,

On which zero represents one zero zero zero zero zero one zero that is interpreted as 65 in base 10, which is converted to an uppercase by ASCII, you could possibly write something as Facebook For the staggering amount of transistors required.

To write something as simple as Facebook status, your computer has to do all the different coding to play screen light apps games, which largely calculate values. It became clear that the higher the number 255, we were going to cut it regardless of the number of bytes we had and it was a lot even adding four fully active bytes together could get only one number Are.

To solve this as much as 1010 the problem new computers were designed to recognize two bytes as a single number, so now instead of referring to a single line of a transistor computer, the two lines are converted to a 16-digit binary. This was a huge help as it increased the amount of representable numbers compared to 255.

By 65535 when you hear people talking about the difference between 8-bit and 16-bit, it's more or less that this doesn't mean that a 16-bit system is exponentially more powerful because your program These bytes are not always going to use all of these numbers, so it represents that it simply has that option, which opens a lot of doors well. This can go on for ages and ages.

Friends upcoming blog I will explain how computers use these numbers to decide which pixel is which color on your monitor, what the different components of your computer are and hard drive binary digits to disk. Store on.