How to improve my Programming Skills

How to improve my Programming Skills

How to improve my Programming Skills

Friends, welcome to the snappywap website, friends today, in this article I will tell you about Programming Skills, how you can increase your programming skills.

 I have some steps that you can follow to improve your programming skills. Now we can have seven steps out of five steps but I went for this number five because I love it so the first thing you need to improve your programming skills before you improve is that you have a programming knowledge and definitely right, You probably started with any language CC ++ Java Python or JavaScript and you are knowing its syntax because we do it on your suggestion.

 You are learning a programming language. The first thing you learn is a syntax. Different languages ​​now have different syntax and that's why you learn a language once you know it, just to see C + for you. + And then Java is easy to learn because they all follow the same syntax paradigm, once you learn this syntax then next thing you need to follow these five steps Will be so that you can work on your skills.

 So the first step is to practice algorithms and data structures when you learn a language that you feel you know everything about, but not because you learn syntax when you learn the language and if you apply it If you want to do, then let us tell you if I give you a problem statement and you will have to convert that problem statement into a code and your software will act Riya is not, you must change to solve the problem statement first and only steps and what we call as algorithms and then we convert the algorithm.

Code Now when I give you an example, suppose if you want that if you want to find a given number it is all there or even I know that you have not acquired them somewhere in your brain. Has been done. You already know what you do, you turn it into a code, but if we talk about big problem statements, first of all you should call it El. Will transform into Oridm you to exercise you need to practice and so it will know some of the existing algorithms.

If you open any algorithm book, you have this search and sorting technique, then you have to look at those things, so practice those algorithms first as well as the data structures that we have, such as the linked list we have, We practice all those things so there are some algorithms that work with this data structures

 So this will be a first step. The second step is will you know that when you learn a language and when you apply it in your way then if I am a problem statement you will write your own code but sometimes the code you write That is not the right way and it is not saying that it will not give you the right output, but sometimes what is important is that the way you write a code is called the compactness of your code. Efficiency and efficiency is a way of any code that you have just heard about design patterns,

To improve the things that I would recommend just look at the code of some others and nowadays we hav e as this huge repository which is actually called Github and not we have different 3D filmed websites available, But github is my favorite so what can you do

Try to read other people's code because it can give you a new way of writing code. The same thing you are writing, but in a different way will be the same like syntax, but the output will be the same but true. The way the code will change is that you will just go to Github and as it is available in some places, just have a look at those things and the way you are looking at them you can have them when you see those codes If you look at it, it will affect your brain and the next time you have a code, it will be useful now. Step 3 Now Step 3 is my personal experience.

 I have improved my programming skills by participating in contests, so when I was in my college I used to attend many colleges or many college events, so maybe coding events or debugging events or maybe aquatic events so IIL us ed Lost all those games, but then later I started winning it because I was practicing it so you lose in the beginning Gay because you do not know the competition is how to and have been more competitive in the mall.

Find out how cool it is nowadays. If you don't want to go to any of the properties, you can do it online, so we have what the company calls programming so if you can compete with them Are those you know on various websites like increase in hacker rank earth we have code chef

So just compete with people because it will be what this website is. They will give you a problem statement and you will have to convert that false statement into a solution so that the course has to be quiet written and when you normally submit your code, They may not accept it, they will reject your code and this is where the power starts because you will be rejected initially, I think Once rejected and later decided Luckily one of my quad code th in the fact that you do inspires

So that you have to participate in competitions because it will teach you how to make the code second, it will teach you how to code efficiently and third it will teach you to debug and it is really very important in the description area for an article. The link will be found and it will be useful for you so just with the article it will help you to participate in computer programming step four. It may seem strange,

But not sticking to one language to try to locate more languages. The thing is whether we will love all languages. For example I love Java. There are people who love Python, so we will love some people. PHP will not stick to one language because your language may be the best. But all those languages ​​are some good things and some bad things or some shortcomings.

, So when you learn another language it will teach you a different way of idea code example when I learn Scala. I learned how we do how you do that helped me right in my Java language, so other languages Learn because they have some additional features that you can implement in your language and then a step that is very important that will definitely Having Irman why end you learn a programming language

You want to create a project, so why not start building a project from the beginning. I'm not saying from day one, but after learning a programming language we have the syntax and then you need to implement all these steps Will it take time to make a project, does any project matter to you because we all have some passion like some hobby maybe you Like to see maybe you like to read a book

Maybe I like to play sports or maybe your photographer is all you can do is create a project for yourself so the first project should be for yourself. For example if you love music then make a music player if you If you like sports then make your own game because this will be your first step

 Because when you are doing something for yourself it will feel good about it and definitely you will get stuck somewhere because this is your first project and there are many ways you can solve it just go to Google and serve but in this way Trust me for your problem and Google knows the rights. We have also determined for this type of defect, it will help you with the code. Ok do not copy paste the code. To switch to because that's what most people code that try to understand what they are saying it out and try to customize it.

The way you want it is to no longer just copy-paste it because it can cause bugs and trust me that bugs are harmful now because after these five steps I only have to repeat those steps in the first practice algorithm. And there are data structures. Another one is read. People's code. Third is a community programming. The fourth one is the explorer of other languages ​​and the fifth one is the prog. ACT is now constructing the project.

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