Best Easy Way to Allow or Block Camera Access in Google Chrome

I’m going to tell you how you can enable or disable the webcam on your Google Chrome web browser so let’s get started.

So first of all what you need to do is you need to just click on these three dots on the right top corner and then click on settings and once the settings window opens just scroll down until you see Site settings under privacy and security


So just click on site settings and here you will be able to see the camera options so just click on the camera options


and by default it might be like this which means it’s blocked so just click on this toggle button

and make it enable and when you enable this option it means that whenever a website wants to use a webcam on your Google Chrome web browser

it’s going to ask you for the permission okay and here you will be able to see your webcam so if you have more than one webcams you can select which webcam you want to use by default.

I have only one webcam here because I’m using my laptop but if you have more than one webcam then you can select which camera you want to use from this list


So once you are done with the settings you are good to go now you can see whenever some app like this I have used Google meat in order to use the laptops camera so once you allow a website it will be added to this list under allow


and once you block a website from using the camera it will be added under the block section okay so you can remove this from here you can see


I have this remove option and once you delete this whenever this website wants to use the camera again it will give you the pop-up again right so the website is in the allow section then

it’s not going to ask for permission now let’s check whether the camera is working or not so for this I use a simple test I just searched for webcam test and there are so many websites you can use to test your webcam so you can choose the top result from this website I’m going to use this website which says


once this website opens it’s going to detect your camera and if the camera is functional you can click on this test my cam button so I’m going to just click on test my cam button

and it’s going to give you this kind of pop-up right so in order to allow this website to use your webcam you just need to click on allow and once you click on allow you can see that my camera is working right so now

I’m able to use my webcam inside my Google Chrome web browser similarly if some website wants to use your webcam it’s going to show you the pop-up and then you just click on the allow button

which will enable the camera for that website once you enabled the camera on the website and when you go to the settings you will see that this website is added under the allow section

so next time whenever you open the same website this you have already chosen so it’s not going to show you that pop-up and next time this website will be able to use your camera without showing the pop-up

right now once again I’m going to just delete this website from the allow list and once again I’m going to open this website which is and again.

I’m going to just click on test my cam and this time I’m going to just click on block so once I click on block that means I want to block my camera on this website

and once I go to the settings you can see this website is now added to the block list so if you want to block your camera for some website you can just click on a block button

and it will be added to your block list and if you want to remove the website from the block list just click on delete okay so this is how you can enable the webcam on the Google Chrome web browser.

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