(Answer) Asus vivobook Max support Windows 10


 This article is special for people who have a laptop and computer. And they want to install Windows 10 in their laptop computer, but they have a question in their mind whether Windows 10 will support our laptop or not.


If you are thinking of installing Windows 10 in your Asus vivobook Max then you can install it without worrying about anything. But before installing Windows 10 you need to know some things.


Asus vivobook Max support Windows 10

If you have a very old computer or laptop whose RAM and processor is very less, then you should not install Windows 10 in that laptop computer.


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Because when we install Windows 10 in a laptop or computer with less RAM and processor, the speed of that computer or laptop decreases.


This is because Microsoft has made too many changes inside its operating system. If you want to run this operating system in your computer, then your laptop or computer’s RAM must be at least 2GB and processor 2.0 GHz.



Things to note before installing Windows 10 on older computers:

Often the old computer in our house is very old-fashioned, due to which the hardware installed in it is of very low performance. When we install very high graphics software in that computer, then the speed of that computer decreases very much.


And some people want to install Windows 10 in that computer, but those people do not know that if we install Windows 10 operating system in that computer, our system will be slower.


And if you want to install this system in your computer, then you have to upgrade your computer. If you upgrade your computer’s RAM and processor,


 then your computer will become very powerful and you will be able to easily run Windows 10 operating system in that computer.


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