How To Boost My Website Page Speed 100% Working Trick

Hello friends! Today I will tell you through this short article how you can increase the page speed of your website. Just by following some easy tricks. Let us first know why it is important to increase the page speed of a website.

Why should the page speed of the website be more important:

Friends, today this world has gone far ahead in the world of technology and internet. Today Internet users are gradually growing all over the world. There are some of us who learn things with the help of internet or they work on a website every day, then they go to Google and search on Google according to their work. The user gets a lot of website links in Google’s search bar.

 Boost Website Page Speed 100% Working Trick

Now the user clicks on one of the websites, but when the user sees that it is taking too long to open that website, then he will leave that website and move to another website.


Due to which the Google ranking of the website will be gradually reduced. Visitors to your website will gradually decrease. This causes damage to the owner of the website. Friends, let us know which trick we can use to boost the speed of our page.

Trick to boost the page speed of the website :

Friends, there are many reasons for the low page speed of your website. In which we will talk only on some topics, with the help of which you will be able to improve the speed of your website. Now we will first talk about the hosting of your website, due to not having the right hosting, the speed of your website decreases.


Friends, sometimes, to save money, you take hosting from such a website where you are shown that you are being given SSD hosting but you are given something else after purchasing the hosting.

When you host your website with your hosting, your website page speed decreases after some time when your website starts to rank well in Google and traffic also starts coming up well. And your user starts having problems. Due to which the user has to go to another website.


Another reason for your website’s page speed to be slow is your website template. Friends, when we initially start blogging, many of us bloggers make the mistake that they do not choose the right template for their website.


We select such a template whose loading time is very high. This is because there are too many css and java scripts inside that template. You can use the premium template to increase the speed of the website, this will improve the speed of your website.


How to use a template for a website – If you have created a website and now you need a template for your website. So you may be wondering what template we should get for our website so that our website loads fast, then let me tell you that whenever you buy a template for your website or get it for free, please do one thing.


Friends, whenever you pick a theme for your website, note that the background of the theme is always white and the theme should be Seo friendly. And your template should be very simple, so that whenever a user comes to your website, your website will open immediately.

Ads – The third reason is that your website pages are slow to open –

Advertising your website is one of the reasons your website is slow loading. Often many of us bloggers place so many advertisements in their website that their website slows down. But we should not do this at all. We should only advertise in a few selected places. So that the website loads quickly

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