Best Method: How to Bold Text in Youtube Description/Comments

bold text in youtube description

Do you know how to bold text in YouTube description? I want to tell you how you can write text in three different formats in YouTube comments and descriptions.

We use such text format to denote an important text. We often use such text in Wordpad, Excel, and Microsoft Office. but today I will tell you about how such text is written on YouTube.

But before that, you need to know where to use this type of text. You can use it in different places like:

  • If you have a special word in any topic and want to highlight it, then you can use a format like (bold).
  • If any of your words are very important then you can use YouTube italics format.
  • (Strikethrough) You can use this format to modify or joke around a word

How to Bold Text in YouTube Description/Comments

How To Make Text Bold In Youtube Description

⤿  First, we will learn how to use YouTube italic special formatting. To use it, you need to place a star (*) before and after your text comment or description. You can make YouTube bold comment details bold using this method.

How to Italicize Text in YouTube Description

How To Make Text italics In Youtube Description

⤿  Let’s talk about how to use YouTube italics special formatting. To use it, you have to underline the front and back of the text and by doing so any text will be in italic format.

How to Strikethrough Text in YouTube Description/Comments

 How To Make Text Strikethrough In Youtube Description

⤿ This is his last formatting tip. Now we will know about the strikethrough. You will know where strikethrough is used. But you will not know how to apply it. It is very easy to use. To use strikethrough you have to use ( -hyphens- ).

You have to use -hyphens- before and after your text. This will make your text format in a special strikethrough format.

How to Make Text Bold on Facebook Post

The easiest way to make any post bold, or italic is to first open the Chrome browser on your phone or laptop and search by typing “bold text generator” in the search bar.

After this, click on the first website that appears in the search result, as soon as your website is fully open, two boxes will appear on your screen.

Now you have to type the text that you want to make bold in the first box, as soon as you type the text in the box, that text will appear in different types.

Now you have to copy that text, go to Facebook, and paste it and your text will become bold.

YouTube Bold Text Generator Usage

⤿  Are you also thinking of making your YouTube bold comments and description text? But are you unable to do this. If it is, then you will be given complete information in this article. In this article, I will tell you about YouTube bold text generator. But before that, I will tell you about what YouTube bold text generator is.

What is YouTube Bold Text Generator

⤿  This bold text generator is a web tool. In simple language, it is web software. With its help, you can make any of your text messages bold with a single click. And you can use that text format anywhere.

Benefits of Using YouTube Bold Text Generator

⤿  There are some important advantages of using a YouTube bold text generator. By using this you do not need to repeatedly put a star (*) behind your text.

But when you generate manual text, your time is wasted. If you learn to use this tool, then you will not waste significant time.

 How to Use YouTube Bold Text Generator

  • To use this web tool you have to go to your web browser and search by typing Youtube bold text generator.
  • You will see some links on the first page of Google. You have to open the first link. (Https://
Youtube bold text generator.
  • Now you can make any of your text bold by writing in it. You can do the styling of any of your text formats with the help of this web tool.
how to bold text on youtube
  • In bold text generator you can generate different types of text formats.

You can use this text format for Facebook Instagram and social media platforms etc. And this web tool is absolutely free. bold text generator is a (copy and paste) method.

Copy the text you want to bold and paste it in bold text generator. And your work will be done. All your text will become bold easily.

Youtube Comment bold not Working

⤿  Is your YouTube comment bold not working properly? This is a very common problem, you can fix this problem in a minute. If you follow some steps mentioned by us, the problem will be fixed.

Step #1  Update Your YouTube: ⤿  To fix this problem you should go to your Play Store and check the YouTube update. If a new update has come, then you should update your YouTube. Doing this (YouTube comment bold not working problem) can be cured.

Step #2  Restart Your Phone Once: ⤿  Even after updating YouTube, if your problem does not go, then you restart your phone once. Your problem will be fixed.

Step #3 Use YouTube Bold Text Generator: ⤿  If your problem is still not fixed, then you should use YouTube Bold Text Generator. Using this will solve your problem 100%.

We have mentioned YouTube’s bold text generator in the above article to solve this problem, you can go and read above.