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Hello friends, today we will talk aboutOn-Page SEO, service checkup analyzer, and optimization on the website. Today we will only talk on this subject, how we can do very easily On Page Seo on our website. But friends, first we will know what is On-Page Seo and why it is important for your website, so let’s start.


What is on-page SEO

In the era of the growing internet, thousands of blog websites are being created every day. A number of blog websites already exist on the Internet. Apart from this, blog websites are being made in thousands every day.  
In such a situation, the new website has a lot of difficulty in making its mark on Google. In this case, on-page SEO helps you. With the help of on-page SEO, you can bring traffic to your website. 
With the help of this, your website ranks in Google’s search engine. The better your search engine optimization, the faster your article will rank in Google.

On-Page SEO types

Friends, we will divide SEO into two parts –  (1)  On-Page SEO  (2) Off-Page SEO So let us first talk about the topic under on-page SEO.

On-Page SEO ⇒

 Under this, your page title, description, internal linking, meta tag, h1 tag, caption, etc. come.

Techniques to do On-Page SEO

Friends, I have very good Techniques for this, with the help of which you will be able to do your article on page seo very easily.
First of all, you have to go to your web browser and type (SERP preview tool) (click here to download) This is an extension of Google Chrome, you have to download it.  
Now whenever you write an article, you copy your title and go to this tool to check if the word in your title is not getting much. And in the same way, you have to copy your URL as well. 
And in the box containing the URL, you have to crush it, here also you have to take care that the size of the word of your URL is not too much.

How to copy the (permalink) URL of the post ⇒ 

Friends, if you are writing in the post blogger then you will see the option of permalink on the right-hand side, you have to click on it and copy the URL of your post. Friends, you should keep in mind that your target keyword must be in your URL only then your article will be ranked on the top page of Google.

Techniques for copying URL (permalink) for WordPress ⇒

In WordPress you will find the option of permalink on the top side and you can copy it by going there.


Meta tag description⇒

Now comes the friends of meta tag description. You have to keep the length of the meta tag description to 300 characters. By the way, when you paste your meta tag description there, this tool will tell you how much word is in your meta tag. In this way, you can easily do Search Engine Optimization of any of your articles.

Internal linking ⇒

Internal linking is a part of search engine optimization. By doing internal linking, the link instructor of your website increases significantly, this greatly affects the rank of your website. 
If you have ever visited Wikipedia’s website, you must have seen that how much internal linking remains on every page of Wikipedia’s website, due to which the article of Wikipedia comes on the second or third list of Google. 
Therefore, internal linking is also very important for your website.
h1 tag ⇒ Every page or post on our website has many titles. The H1> HTML tag is typically used for the title of a page or post and is the first header visible on a page. The formatting of the H1 tag is different from the rest of the header tag typically found on a page (H2, H3, H4).



What is the h1 tag? 

In common language, the h1 tag is the first header tag to appear on the page. It is used to denote the title of a page or post. When viewed in HTML code, the H1 value <h1> </h1> tag 


Appears in The easiest way to understand the use of the H1 tag is to imagine that you are writing the outline of a large project. The main title of your project will be your <H1>, your main point <H2> and the subpoint <H3>. You will write it this way.

What is the off-page SEO? 

Off-page SEO is the technique that is part of any effort made outside the website to improve the ranking of search engines. Backlinks form an important part of it. 


Backlink off-page is the largest factor of SEO. The quality backlink increases the rank of your website and your dominance authority with the help of which your website reaches a good rank.


Let us know about some similar Techniques on how quality backlinks are made.

How to SEO off-page 

Publish such content on your website that your user likes so that he can share your post. If a blogger reads your post, then do the internal linking of the URL of your post to the article of your website, this will give you a quality backlink for your website. 
Share your article on more and more social media, this will ultimately generate backlink for your website. 
Post a guest on a website whose Domine Authority page authority is very high. Friends, the backlink received from you will be very powerful and there will be a lot of traffic on your website. 
You can create your page on social websites like Facebook, Linkedin, Telegram, etc. and share your article on it, this will bring traffic to your website as well as improve your off-page SEO. 
Whenever you create a backlink on your website, make it according to the category of your website.


Articles writing Guide

Articles writing Guide 

Learn about how to write articles on the website. Perhaps you will not know that your article also helps in improving the Seo (search engine optimization) of your website. Just the way you write should be good. 
So friends, let’s start.Title You have to write the title of your article in such a way that your focus keyword must come in it. For example – if you are writing an article on keywords like backlink,
then you should write the title like this – (backlink generator, backlinks blog, backlinks in SEO, backlinks SEO, backlinks meaning, backlinks on-page SEO) Should be, it has your backlink focus keyword which is coming in every title. So, friends, you must have understood how the title is written. Article 


⟹ Now let’s talk about how to start writing articles. First of all, when you write an article, be sure about your content and pay attention to one thing, in this you must implement your focus keyword.⇒ Apply your focus keyword in the middle of writing the article well. Cover each topic thoroughly. Whenever you change your subject, create a separate title for it. 

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