(Solved) laptop charger light goes off when plugged in charger charging port

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(dell laptop charger light goes off when plugged in) You will get the solution of this problem in this article. We have told everything very well using video in this article.

Now we will talk about why the dell laptop charger blue light turns off as soon as the charger is connected to the laptop. The only reason the laptop charger lights go off is due to shorting in the laptop.


 laptop charger light goes off

When a component of your laptop starts heating up, it deteriorates after some time and shorting occurs in the laptop. And because of this, many types of problems arise in the laptop.

And sometimes your laptop does not start due to damage to just one component. In addition to dell laptops, we found this type of problem in laptops like hp, Lenovo.


There is a simple way to fix this problem. If you follow that method then you can repair the laptop yourself.

Now I am going to tell you in the video below how to fix (
charger light goes off when connected to laptop). Watch the video carefully.


Why does my Dell laptop only work when plugged in?

If your laptop only runs on a plugged-in, and if the charger is removed from the laptop, the laptop shuts down. 

This means that your laptop battery is not charging then only your laptop charger is working on plugged-in and the charger stops as soon as plug out.

So there can be many reasons for this. You can check this problem step by step and find out from which section the problem is. Let us check it step by step.


Step 1 Check the voltage of the charger: – Now you will say that if our charger is correct then the laptop is running or otherwise how will it work.

 But this is not the case at all, if the output voltage of your laptop charger is low then the laptop runs, but the battery will never charge.

If you look at the top of the laptop charger, there you will see the output voltage of your laptop charger written. From there you can find out what is the output voltage of your laptop charger.


To check the voltage of the laptop charger, take a multimeter and put one probe of the multimeter on top of the charger pin and put another probe inside the charger pin 

and see on the screen of the multimeter whether the output voltage of the charger is correct.


If the output voltage of your laptop charger is correct, then understand the charger of your laptop is correct and the problem is from somewhere else.

Step 2. Check the voltage on the pin of the laptop battery: – First of all remove the battery of your laptop, then connect the laptop charger to the laptop. Now check the voltage of the charging connector of the laptop.

If the 3.3 voltage is found on the three pins of the charging connector of the laptop, then there is no shortage in the charger of your laptop and laptop. Just replace the laptop battery, your laptop will be fixed.

But if there is no supply of 3.3 voltage on three pins of your laptop charging connector, then there is a problem in the motherboard of your laptop. 


Due to which the battery of the laptop is not charging and your laptop is shutting down as soon as you plug-out the charger.

Why is my Laptop battery always at 0?

There are many reasons why laptop battery always shows zero percent. Such as – (1) Battery not properly charged, (2) Battery driver not working properly, (3) Problem with laptop circuit board.


(1) Battery not charging properly: – There are many reasons why the battery is not charged properly. If the battery breaks down it does not charge. And the laptop always looks zero percent or no battery (found).


(2) Battery driver not working properly: – Some laptops also have problem of battery driver due to which the laptop shows zero percent charging. To fix this problem, you should update the battery driver of the laptop.


(3) Laptop circuit board malfunction: – The laptop battery is always at 0 due to a malfunction in the circuit board of the laptop. 

When there is a fault in the laptop circuit, the bios are not known and the battery of the laptop is always at Zero.


dell charger not working no green light

If any dell laptop charger has this kind of problem, then understand that the charger is defective. This type of problem only comes from the malfunction of the charger.

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