[Problem Solved] Laptop Charging Port Loose | How to Fix Loose Charging Port

Is your laptop charger port loose? Are you having trouble charging the laptop due to this? We have a solution for this problem. Yes, in today’s article, we will talk about how to fix the laptop charger port loose problem.

laptop charger port loose and not charging

And will explain how to fix the laptop charging port loose. All the methods mentioned in this article will be very easy. Which will make it easier to fix the laptop power jack.

Before that, we will talk about the reason for the laptop charging port being loose. why this laptop charging port becomes loose?

Why Does My Charging Port Get Loose?

There are some main reasons why the laptop charging port loose. The first reason is to repeatedly remove and insert the charging plug. When you, your charging plug in and out repeatedly, your charging plug becomes loose.

You must have noticed that there are small pins around the charging port of your laptop. When the pins of the charging port pressed down, then your charging port becomes loose.

Then you start having trouble charging the laptop due to this. And your laptop starts plugging in and out again and again. Due to this, there is a fear of burning the component of the motherboard.

Due to this, your laptop is not charged properly. And you get very upset with this problem.

But it is not that there is no solution to this problem. I am going to tell you how to fix a loose laptop charger port in this article.

No more tools are required to fix the loose laptop power jack. Only one needle is required to fix the laptop charging port. Let us learn step by step how to fix it.

How to Fix a Loose Charging Port

laptop charging port loose and not charging

1. Take a needle to fix the loose laptop charger port.

Step 2. Then remove the laptop battery.

Step 3. Now with the help of a needle, lift the pin of the laptop charger port slightly.

Step 4. Then connect the charger to the laptop charging port.

Now I hope that your problem will be solved 100%.

If your charging port is still loose, then slightly lift the pin of that loose laptop charger port. Now your problem will be solved.“>

What to Do If Your Charger Port Is Broken

If your charging port is broken, then this article is for you only. Because this is what you are going to be told about in this article.

If you follow each step correctly, you can fix your broken charging port at home.

Only the screwdriver is needed to fix the laptop charging port at home. If you do not have a screwdriver, you can buy one from your nearest electronic shop.

You can use these tricks to repair the broken charging port of any laptop. Let us now move to our main issue.

Fix Samsung Laptop Charging Port Broken (Step-By-Step)

Step 1. First, remove your battery.

Step 2. Now loosen the screw on the top cover of the hard disk and remove the cover.

Step 3. Now remove the screw on the hard disk and also remove the hard disk.

Step 4. Now remove the RAM chip next to the hard disk.

Step 5. Now unscrew all the remaining screws. Remember that not a single screw is attached to the board. Then open the laptop.

Warning: – Open the laptop very carefully. Do not be hasty at all or else your laptop may break while opening the back cover.

Step 6. Now, remove the back cover.

Step 7. Now remove the broken charging port and transfer it with the new charging port.

Note: – If the charging port is connected to the board then you may have problems in transferring it. If the charging port is of ribin type then you can repair it yourself. Otherwise, you can fix it by moving it to a repair center.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Laptop Charging Port?

Samsung Laptop Power Jack Repair Cost

Samsung laptop power jack

The price of the Samsung laptop power jack is up to $ 5.19 to $ 9.89 online. And the power jack repair cost can be from $ 2 to $ 3. If we combine all the expenses then it can be $ 10 to $ 12.

If you get a $ 5.19 dollar power jack, then the repair cost can be from $ 7 to $ 8.

If you cannot fix your laptop at home, then you can get it corrected by taking it to your nearest Samsung laptop service center.

But if the charging port of your laptop is ribin type, then there is no need to take your laptop to the service center.

You can order Samsung’s charging port online with the help of Amazon. And you can fix the charging port of your laptop at home.

Toshiba Laptop Charging Port Broken Fix (Step by Step)

The broken Toshiba laptop charging port is very easy to fix. Because friends, the charging port in this laptop is not connected above the board but it is connected by a ribin cable.

You can easily remove and replace it. Let us learn step by step how to replace it.

Toshiba Laptop Charging Port Broken (Solved)

Step 1 First loosen the screw attached to the battery.

Step 2. Now remove all the screws in the laptop.

Step 3. Now remove the back cover with the help of the back cover remover.

Step 4. Now remove the broken charging port and install a new charging port.

The new Toshiba laptop charging port is available online. You can buy from any online store. It costs 5 $ at the online store.

HP Pavilion Charger Port Loose

If your laptop charging port not working or the hp pavilion charger port has become loose, then you can fix it very easily.

Because the charger port of the hp pavilion laptop is of ribin cable type which is very easy to fix.

Solved: HP Pavilion Charger Port Loose

Step 1 Remove your laptop battery first.

Now you will see a separate section in the middle where your hard disk is located.

Step 2 Now loose the attached screw on the back cover and remove it. And remove attached the cabinet above it.

Step 3 After this, remove the hard disk and RAM installed there.

Step 4 Now straighten the laptop and remove its keyboard.

Step 5 Now remove the power on and touchpad cable installed there.

Step 6 After this loosen all the screws in the laptop.

Step 7 After this, carefully open the back cover.

Step 8 Now if you have a new laptop charging port, then you can replace the broken charging port.

HP Laptop Charger Not Working How to Fix It (Step by Step)

Friends, now I am going to tell you what you should do if your hp laptop charger is not working.

(hp laptop charger not working problem) The charger’s voltage has to be checked.

You have to have a multimeter to check the charger, you can check the charger of any laptop with the help of it.

The problem comes from three places in your laptop charger.
(1) In a 220-volt lead. (2) in the charger’s PCB (3) in the 19v lead exiting the PCB.

Now I am going to tell you a way with which you will be able to fix hp laptop charger not working problem.

How to Fix HP Laptop Charger

Step 1 Take a multimeter first. And set it to a range of 20v.

Step 2 Now put the black probe of the multimeter on top of the charger pin and the red one on the inside pin.

Step 3 Now see if the voltage of the charger is 19v or not.

If the charger is supplying 19v, then your charger is fine. If your charger is showing zero volts, then we have to check only 220 volts.

Just by checking the output, we cannot say that the charger of the laptop is bad. We have to check further.

Step 4 Now we will check the 220-volt power cable card. To check the cable, both probes of the multimeter will be inserted inside both holes of the cable and check.

If there voltage showing 220 then the cable is correct.

Warning: While checking the cable, take care that the probe of the multimeter is not touched by hand, otherwise an electric shock may occur.

If everything is correct and still your laptop is not charging then the laptop may have problems.

If the power cable card of your laptop is correct and still the output voltage is not coming, then you will have to buy a new charger.

The new charger is available on Amazon. You can purchase a new laptop charger online.

Solved: Laptop Charger Only Works When Pushed In

is your laptop charger charge the laptop only when pushed by hand? If your laptop also has this type of problem then it can be easily fixed. Let us make it practically step by step.

(Solved) laptop charger only works when pushed in

Solved: Charger Only Works When Pushed In

Step 1 First of all, see if there is dust inside the charging port.

(If there is any dust inside the charging port, clean it)

Step 2. Clean your charging port a brush.

Step 3. Lightly lift all the pins inside the charging port.

If the problem still does not go, then you can change the charging port. Your problem will be fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I charge my laptop without the charger?

You can charge any of your laptops without a laptop charger. Here we are going to tell you some tips, just you have to follow those tips.

To charge the laptop without a laptop charger, we need some accessories. Such as: – A mobile phone charger and an AUX Cable.

Step 1 First connect your Android phone to the mobile charger.

Step 2. Now connect one end of your (AUX Cable) to the phone’s earphone jack and the other end to the earphone jack of the laptop.

Your laptop will start charging.

What is the USB C port on a laptop for?

What is the USB C port on a laptop? USB Type-C is a small, USB connector that transfers data, video, audio, and data (USB 3.1) from one device to another as well as providing charging power to the devices.

Can USB Type C Charge a Laptop?

If your laptop has a USB-C port system, you can charge your laptop via a USB-C cable. If you have a USB-C type charger, you can connect your laptop to that charger and charge your laptop.

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