[The Easiest Way] How to Change Light Mode on a Fantech Keyboard

If you are troubled by seeing the same color of your Fantech keyboard and you want to change your keyboard light mode, then you must read this article, in this article, you will learn to change the light mode of your Fantech keyboard.

As you also know that the Fantech keyboard is an RGB gaming keyboard, this keyboard has multiple color RGB lights, which enhance the beauty of the keyboard, and this RGB light is very much liked by gamers and video editors, due to which gamers really like this type of keyboard.

But after a few days, we start liking this light less, we either want to turn off the keyboard light or like to change the color of the light, but there are many who also do not like the keyboard light. but they don’t know how Can I off the keyboard light or change the keyboard light.

So such people like to take the help of the internet, and go to google and search “how to change light mode on a Fantech keyboard” but those people go there in many such articles where they do not get the right information.

Keeping this in mind, this article has been created, you will be told about the keyboard shortcuts of more than 20 presets of this Fantech keyboard, that too through a video so that you can easily understand.

Some Simple Keyboard Shortcuts to Change the Light Mode on the Fantech Keyboard

In Fantech Keyboard, you get to see amazing presets that look very nice, now you are also going to know about all those presets that you were eagerly waiting for, let’s talk about some of them We do. About keyboard shortcuts. In the video below you will get to see all the shortcuts.

  • Fn+down arrow  = With the help of this shortcut key, you can slow down the keyboard light.
  • Fn+up arrow = With the help of this shortcut key, you can increase the light of the keyboard.
  • Fn+prt sc = With the help of this shortcut key, you can turn off the keyboard half-light.

You will be told only this preset through text, the rest of the presets you can see in the video, because if we tell you through text then the article will become very big, and how did you like this article, do tell us by commenting.