Fiodio Rainbow Membrane Gaming Keyboard with Smart Features

This is a bright and colorful backlit keyboard: it has a colorful rainbow-like glow, and you can adjust the backlight brightness to your liking.

These keyboards have anti-ghosting technology which provides you with a smooth and smooth gaming experience.

The keyboard has two foldable stands at the bottom, which are used for better typing. This type of tilt reduces the fatigue of your fingers and helps you in typing for longer durations

The keyboard isn't too thick, the slim keyboard design makes your wrist comfortable, and the slim keyboard isn't too noisy, and works with few spurs. 

You can easily manage the lighting effect of the keyboard, for this, you need to know some keyboard shortcuts.

Flushing Speed = Fn++/- Backlit brightness = fn + pgup / pgdn

This keyboard is designed in such a way that it does not expand when water drops fall.

Its cool and attractive design attracts your mind a lot, when you are gaming then you get to see a very good experience.

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