Getting the sticker residue off the laptop isn't as hard as you think. Today I will tell you some easy ways with the help of which you can easily remove the sticker residue.


To remove the sticker residue from the laptop, you can use the things you use at home.


But before that I want to give you a piece of advice. If you clean the laptop with any liquid, then pay attention that the liquid does not go inside the laptop.

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1. Use Petrol

Petrol proves to be very effective in cleaning any kind of things. You can use petrol to clean sticker residues.

2. Nail polish remover can be used

it is available in everyone’s homes. With this help, nail polish is removed. But you can use it to remove sticker residues.

3. Use hot water

First of all, heat some water. And by taking an old cotton cloth and dipping it in warm water, squeeze the cloth a little and then rub the cloth on top of the sticker.


Whatever you do please do it carefully.

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