What is the best SEO difficulty for a new blogger?

SEO difficulty is the biggest problem for small bloggers. Because of this SEO difficulty, any small and big blogger posts rank in Google. But the problem of SEO difficulty brings more trouble for small bloggers to rank on any keyword.

New bloggers have always asked the same question as to how much SEO (Search engine optimization)  difficulty our keywords should have so that we can rank any of our posts within the top 10 in Google.

best SEO difficulty for new bloggers

So I would like to tell you that SEO difficulty is not the only reason for your post not being ranked, it also lacks some of your content. You write a good article, but you are not to transfer the keyword to the right place in it.

Due to this, your post is not able to rank in Google and you think that I had written a good post, yet why did my post not rank in the top 10 of Google.

Let me share some tricks with you with the help of you can easily rank your post on the top 10 pages of Google.

Best SEO difficulty and article guide in very few words:

Tips 1. New bloggers should always have keyword difficulty (0 to 1).

Tips 2. The article should always be more than 1000 words.

Tips 3. Keyword search volume should not exceed 200-250.

tips 3. First, search your keyword in Google and see if there is a website like Pinterest, Reddit and Quora in the top 10 pages, if all three websites are there, then you can write an article on that keyword.

If you follow these steps mentioned by us, then you will definitely be able to rank any of your posts in the top 10 pages of Google.

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