2 biggest reasons to burn laptop chargers Full explanation

Today we are going to explain in this article the reasons for Why do Laptop Chargers burn? Why does the charger smell, why the laptop charger is hot, and why the laptop charger melts?

Why do Laptop Chargers burn? | Cause and prevention

To avoid this problem, you should always turn off the laptop charger after charging the laptop. This keeps the charger of the laptop safe and never deteriorates.

Due to the spark in the power board socket: – The reason for the malfunction of the laptop charger can be due to the spark in your power board socket. When the power socket gets loose, any plugin that socket starts to spark inside the socket and the electronics stuff gets spoiled.

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Why does my charger smell burn?

When the component of your laptop’s charger becomes hot, the burnt smell comes out of that charger. If your laptop charger is smelling like a burn, then you should turn off the laptop charger for a while, so that the charger cools down.

Why do chargers melt?

When a charger’s output is shorted or the maximum voltage is entered into the charger, the charger is melted.

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