why is my internet down?

why is my internet down?

why is my internet down

Hello guys !!! Today I will tell you about the reason for internet down. If you read this article completely, then you will know full about why the internet goes down.  

↞ Due to internet down

#1⇝ Due to the increasing popularity of Internet, Internet users are increasing day by day. Due to this the load on the network is increasing, due to which your internet is also down. But this is not the main reason for this. There are many reasons why the internet is down. Let us talk about some such facts. 

#2 ⇝ Your network may also be a reason for internet down. This is why I am saying that there are many cities where the phone towers are very low due to which the internet speed is down there, due to which their phone’s internet is down. 

#3 ⇝ If your device is connected to wi-fi and your internet goes down then you should check your wi-fi device. 

# 4 ⇝ cache data ⇝ cache data is very important to delete on time because it also causes your internet to go down. When you use your phone or laptop for a long time and  do not delete cache data, then your system becomes slow. 

With this, its effect also starts falling on your internet and your internet becomes slow to a great extent. To fix this problem, you download an antivirus to your phone and scan your system, this will let you know how much  cache data or junk file is in your phone  and you can delete it. 

By doing this your system will be optimized and your internet will start running again. 


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