Why is My Computer So Slow All of a Sudden | Solutions to Fix a Slow Computer

Why is My Computer so Slow all of a Sudden

Is your computer running slow? Do you sometimes want to hit your device with a hammer? A slow computer can be a very frustrating problem. You want to work fast, but if you are not able to do that, you may feel very bad, you may feel like breaking the computer because not everyone likes to use a slow computer.

You can find information on several ways to make your computer faster. that can speed up your computer, I want to know if you are the kind of person who leaves your computer round the clock? If so you should stop. Your computer is much like the human body, it also needs to be decompressed and shut down.

Let us understand with an example, How would you feel if you didn’t sleep at night, and had to stay in bed waiting for work the next day? You too will run slowly like a computer. So when you are finished, turn off the computer. Let us go through some such tips with the help of which slow computer can be fixed.

Solutions to Fix a Slow Computer

  • Do not use too much software at once

It can be said quite clearly that the more software you open, the slower your computer will run. While working, make sure that your computer does not have unnecessary browser tabs and software open. Run only software that is important to your current job.

  • Close background programs on Computer

You can open Task Manager to check which programs are running in the background of the computer. In Task Manager, you will be able to see the programs running in the background of the computer.

Some of these programs are also such that can slow down your computer. You should close the programs that are using your computer CPU too much. I want to tell you that if you are using a laptop instead of a computer and if it is not connected to power then it will drain the laptop battery very quickly.

  • Check computer Antivirus

If you use an antivirus on your computer or laptop, then once check your computer antivirus that the computer’s antivirus is not scanning in the background. Whenever the antivirus scans the computer’s virus, then the computer becomes slow for some time.

But you don’t need to turn off the antivirus scan, because the job of antivirus is to detect the virus and remove it from your computer’s drive. If you turn off the antivirus scanner, then the risk of viruses getting into your computer system increases.

  • Do not use the computer as soon as the Windows system starts

Do not open any programs immediately after the Windows system is launched. After waiting for a few seconds, use the computer. Because when the Windows system of the computer is launched, then processes all the programs, after that the computer is ready to work.

  • Check Computer System C drive

You should definitely check the system c drive of the computer once. Because when the system drive is full, the speed of the computer slows down significantly. If you have files on your computer that you do not need, then you should delete those files.

As you may know, whatever file you keep on the home screen of the computer, that file is lying in the partition of your system c drive.

If you think that those files are very important then you can keep that file in another drive partition or any pen drive. Or delete it from the computer.

  • Check Computer Cooling System

Check computer cooling system. Make sure your computer doesn’t overheat. Sometimes due to dust and dirt, the airflow of the computer fan slows down due to which the processor of the computer becomes hot and the computer starts working slowly.

Sometimes the computer shuts down due to overheating. If the computer is turned off frequently then it can also go bad. Pay special attention to cooling to keep your computer performing well. So that the processing capacity of your computer remains the same.

Apart from this, there are many other factors that can affect your computer, such as – Computer gets old. Over time your computer becomes much slower than the new one. This happens not only with one computer but with all computers.

The only reason for this is that every year hardware and software companies are upgrading their hardware and software. Due to outdated hardware, your computer feels a bit uncomfortable to run the upgraded software due to which your computer works slow.

If you are using a computer, upgrade your computer’s hardware. So that the speed of your computer never slows down.

Let us now move ahead and know many more reasons for computers slowing down. So far, we have told you many reasons due to which the computer starts running slow, but your computer may not have any of these problems that affect your computer.

  • Clean Computer RAM

Computer RAM, it is also an important part of the computer, RAM can also be a reason for the slow down of the computer, when the dust accumulates on the pins of your computer RAM, the computer starts working slowly, it To fix, you need to take out computer RAM

And the RAM pin has to be cleaned by rubbing it lightly with the help of an eraser and put it again in the computer. Doing this can improve the speed of your computer.

If all the methods fail then you should adopt this method.

  • Update computer with new Windows software

Updating Windows software is also very important. Because in the last few years Microsoft Windows is developing new operating system one after the other.

Due to which Microsoft has stopped supporting its old operating system. This directly affects your computer operating system, your software runs slow due to lack of updates.

If you’re still using an older version of Microsoft, you should upgrade your computer to a newer operating system so that the computer can be updated from time to time.

Before installing the new version of Microsoft Windows, you must read the Windows System Requirement, otherwise, sometimes it happens that you install the new version of Windows but it does not work properly in the computer, so before you install Windows Must read the system requirements.

  • Upgrade your hardware

If your computer is old and has outdated components, you should consider upgrading its hardware. This will help improve its performance and make it more capable of running modern software and applications.

  • Repair or reinstall your operating system

If your computer’s performance is still slow after trying the above solutions, you may need to repair or reinstall your operating system. This will help fix any corrupted system files or registry errors that may be causing the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Articles

Que: How do you clean up my computer to make it faster?

Ans: To make the computer clean and faster, you must first delete the software that you are not using in your computer, keep the computer disk clean, do not use more software at a time.

Que: Why is my computer so slow Windows 10?

Ans: There are many reasons for the slowness of the computer, but if you pay attention to some things, then you will not face this kind of problem like: – Do not use too much software in the computer at a time. Don’t open too many tabs in your computer’s browser, go to Task Manager and check which software is using your computer CPU the most. If any software is using more CPU resources then you can stop it.

Que: How do I speed up my computer Windows 10?

Ans: disable shadows, animations, and visual effects in the Windows 10 operating system. Follow this step:- >This pc >System properties >Advanced system settings >Perfomance settings

Que: How do you physically clean RAM?

Ans: You can use an eraser to clean the RAM, first, you have to remove the RAM from the computer and then clean the RAM pin by lightly rubbing it.

Que: Can I clean RAM with alcohol?

Ans: You can clean the RAM of the computer and laptop with the help of isopropyl alcohol.